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Cortland is uniquely positioned to provide middle and back office services for your ABL loans.   We offer a full service ABL operations platform taking on the substantial administrative functions associated with ABL lending. 

 Whether you are a dedicated ABL lender or you are a cash flow lender interested in structuring an occasional ABL loan to secure a desired capital structure, Cortland will provide the expertise to enable you to act. Our core ABL services include:

  • Collateral Monitoring – our team of experts reviews and validates borrowing base certificates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; we provide automated calculations and validations of ineligible calculations, review borrower invoices for potential fraud, prepare and analyze collateral trend data and review field audit reports.   Our systems allow online access to lenders to view collateral and loan activity. We provide customizable detailed collateral reporting for lender credit analysis purposes and provide financial and collateral reporting tracking, with tickler notifications.
  • ABL Loan Servicing – we provide borrower billing, payment posting, collection and loan accounting, calculation of borrower interest and fees, set up and management of bank account structures to effect dominion of cash, generation of borrower notices, payoff letters and amortization schedules.
  • Ancillary ABL Services – we provide underwriting support, field audit and appraisal recommendations and scheduling, audit verifications and asset verifications.