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A long-term member and active participant of the Loan Syndication & Trading Association (LSTA) and the Loan Market Association (LMA), Cortland is experienced, knowledgeable and effective in all stages of the bank loan life cycle. Clients choose Cortland for its depth of knowledge and full range of syndicated bank loan services. Contact us today for a full product brochure.

  • Agency Services

    Cortland provides outsourced solutions for firms that originate loans for broad syndication and middle-market club deals. Backed by decades of credit agreement and negotiated document knowledge, we act as a third-party administrator on behalf of our clients, their co-lenders, borrowers, investors, regulators, auditors and risk partners. As a result of our deep expertise, many of the largest and most active loan originators in the world have become our clients.
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  • Bank Loan Data

    There’s a wide variety of bank loan data sources out there – some are costly, some bundle data with pricing, and others repurpose client data to sell to others. You won’t find any of that at Cortland – we maintain direct client relationships and source real-time data for their portfolios. Our approach provides full confidentiality, total coverage of every position on a daily basis, and position reconciliation.
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  • Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) Manager Services

    Issuers and managers of collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) rely on Cortland for a full suite of waterfall and compliance modeling, collateral substitution analysis, trustee tie outs, reporting and more. Our clients benefit from real-time access to the industry’s only proven desktop asset/liability CLO system, where coverage, quality and concentration tests are just a click away.
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  • Fund Administration for Bank Debt Investors

    Informed by decades of experience working with complex credit funds, Cortland’s approach integrates asset-level custody and administration with top-tier fund accounting and investor servicing to provide a single solution for our clients.
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  • Loan Administration

    Supported by a robust team of bank loan professionals who administer billions of dollars in assets daily, Cortland provides CLO and bank loan investment managers an alternative to buying complex systems. Through daily communication with all major and secondary agent banks, Cortland ensures that rates are set correctly, balances are current, and cash and positions are reconciled daily.
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  • Material Non-Public Information (MNPI)

    Our industry-best solution puts the firewall outside of the firm to remove the risk from internally handled MNPI. Cortland’s MNPI services take over the monitoring and tracking of amendments and MNPI delivery through electronic workspaces and credit channels. By restricting the flow of MNPI with comprehensive administrative solutions, Cortland provides the strongest defense available against insider trading.
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  • Successor Agent Services

    Administering loan structures can be complex and time-consuming, but not for our Successor Agent Services clients. We act as an independent, third-party bank loan agent to offer restructuring and amendment processes as well as back-middle office and administrative duties when the existing agent resigns or needs to be replaced.
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  • Trade Settlement & Closing

    Backed by a deep bench of bank loan settlement professionals, Cortland brings an elite combination of experience and skill to par, near-par and distressed trades, as well as the settlement of trade claims. Through our automated workflow technology and market platforms, we process, track and settle thousands of trades monthly.
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